October 21st, 2009

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A few brief streaks were all I saw of the Orionid meteor shower last night. There could be more, even though the peak of the shower was early this morning, as the Orionids usually last quite a while. They are the remnants of the last visit of Halley's Comet, so there's a lot of comet bits up there. It's a bit cloudy tonight, though, and I still have to spend most of my time in the house, so the odds I'll see any meteors are slim. It's too bad I can't just hang out in the back yard for an hour or two. The weather is still being nice.

Being stuck in the house, I've again turned to the Internets for distraction, and found the skeleton in the closet! Click on the Flickr set link to see several photos of the interesting old building in which the skeleton is sequestered. I must have passed by that building many times when I lived in Los Angeles, but oddly I have no memory of ever having seen it, despite that fact that it is of quite distinctive appearance.

It has a cheerful facade for a structure of its particular purpose. I have no explanation for why, of all the historic public buildings in Los Angeles, this one has survived and remained in use for so long. Almost every other county department is ensconced in some sleek modern monster from the latter half of the 20th century. I'm glad it has survived, though.

Another interesting photo at Flickr is this 1944 shot of a Navy mail call. I looked at it for a couple of minutes before I noticed the guy in the back row, a bit right of center. Apparently he had no idea that a photograph was about to be made. Now he is embarrassingly immortalized on the Internets, and probably doesn't even know it.

If he's still alive he must be about 90 or so. Maybe one of his descendants will come across the picture and say "Hey, isn't that Grandpa? ...Ewww!" Worst of all, the large size of the image is 5678 x 4457 pixels, so it's practically a portrait. Maybe I'll make an LJ icon from it.

One of the feral kittens is still hissing at me every time I go out to put food in the bowl. I think it's one of the male kittens, and that he has appointed himself the boss of the litter. I think I'll call him Alger. Because every cat deserves a name that involves a bad pun.