August 2nd, 2009


Augustan Repose

Perhaps some sacrifice has mollified the sun, as today it no longer made the afternoon intolerable. Shade was once again cool, and passing from one patch of it to another was no longer torment. A pair of hummingbirds gathered nectar from the trumpet vine's flowers as evening neared, and I was able to sit and watch them in comfort. When night fell the air soon cooled. Perhaps best of all I didn't have to run the air conditioner at all today. I now find summer forgivable. My thanks to whoever might have been flung into a volcano to bring about this wonder.

Another wonder the day brought was that the brave feral kitten approached within six feet of me as I sat on the porch, and then remained there alternately napping and looking at me for several minutes. Almost as wondrous, the least-brave kitten snoozed on the lawn only a few feet farther off, and didn't run away when I got up to return indoors. It's amazing what a bit of kitty food can accomplish.

Ready to be amazed by a mild week.

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