July 30th, 2009



So when they took the tree cutting equipment away I thought the noise would be over. I forgot that when big trees get cut down in a yard there's usually stump removal to follow. At eight o'clock this morning they arrived. Stumps are removed by grinding them, and though the grinding machine is much smaller than the tree removal equipment, it's really loud. They were there for a couple of hours, so I didn't get as much sleep as I expected today.

I still can't get used to the new patches of sky that the tree removals revealed. It's not that they're different from any other patches of sky. It's just that they are where I don't expect them to be. It's thrown off the balance of my view, so the yard feels strange. Also there's a period of the afternoon when the metal roof of the garage beyond the back fence reflects sunlight instead of being draped with intricate patterns of shadows. I miss watching the shadows.

Because I was here where there is no large body of water in view I saw no boats, so I looked at pictures of boats.