July 21st, 2009


Brief Respite

The kittens have been going away for much of the night recently, but hanging around much more during the day. If their mom is taking them hunting, I don't think she's been having much luck. They eat like... hungry cats. I'll soon have to start buying GIANT bags of kitty food.

Portia (Garage Cat) doesn't eat anywhere near as much as the feral cats, but then she doesn't get much exercise. She's not only a lap cat, she's a television watcher. She sits on my lap and watches the screen intently, as long as we're watching Animal Planet. She was fascinated by the ferret chasing a ball in a bathtub on World's Funniest Animals. She could never get on the show herself, since she never does anything.

My favorite recent lolcat is also a TV fan.

It was slightly less hot today, and we only needed the air conditioner for three hours this evening. It will be hotter again tomorrow though, alas. But I do have watermelon, summer's compensation. But I'm quite sure it won't fix my brain, which remains mostly fried, or my neck, which remains sore.

Counting the days until the equinox. Sixty three.