July 2nd, 2009


Here, Kitty Kitty!

The brave kitten is getting even braver. It now comes onto the porch alone, and will stay there even when I look out the window at it. I think it's the female cat. She's around more than the other two, following her mom when the others are still sleeping. When I'm outside, she watches me carefully, but won't approach. This is going to be an interesting kitty to watch. But between the three kittens, my larger jade plant is taking a terrible beating. If they don't find some other games to play soon, their climbing and swatting is going to leave it denuded. Poor succulent.

I forgot to close the windows before going to sleep this morning, and the house got hot before I woke even though the day was a bit less torrid than yesterday. PG&E will get more money as a result, as I had to run the air conditioner a couple of extra hours. The thought of future bills makes me shudder more than any chilling of the air could.

Man trying not to look terrified by mime and failing.

I have strawberries. I have whipped cream. I have sponge cake. I am going to eat them together! I'm getting braver, too!