June 12th, 2009


Beastly Drama!

I gave two of the kittens what was probably thus far the fright of their lives this evening. I failed to look outside to see who was about before opening the back door. The kittens were on the chair, eating, and when they heard the noise and turned to see me, they freaked. They leaped from the chair, one of them upsetting the food bowl so that bits of food went flying everywhere.

The kittens ran as fast as they could down the walk and behind the jasmine hedge, and probably didn't stop until they got back to the shed. A couple of minutes later their mom came to the end of the walk and gave me what I would consider a reproachful look. The kittens didn't return to the back porch for two hours after that, and still haven't gotten back on the chair to finish eating.

Later this evening, a raccoon came onto the porch and ate from the cat bowl. When it got down and walked away I noticed that it was limping. It decided to lay down on the lawn, and the mom cat appeared from behind the jasmine and glared at it. I don't know if the raccoon was injured or if it has some disease. It eventually managed to clamber over the fence and out of the yard. Then I had to discard the remaining food in the bowl, and wash it and the water bowl. I don't want the kitties catching something from the raccoon. Especially if the raccoon was rabid.

Lots of clouds today, but no rain, no thunder or lightning. It's supposed to heat up by midweek. I'd rather it didn't, but it's almost the middle of June, so the mild weather was bound to end soon.