April 29th, 2009

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The batteries I use in my wireless mouse are now needing to be recharged every few days. It's way past time to buy new ones. When I bought this batch a few years ago I got eight, and I've cycled three pair through my mouse dozens of times, while the other pair have been powering my keyboard, and those two have never needed recharging at all. I probably could have gotten away with ordinary alkaline batteries in the keyboard. I guess that what eats power so fast in the mouse is that red light that comes out of the bottom. I don't think it ever goes off. If it did go off when the mouse was not in use, the batteries would last a lot longer, as they do in the lightless keyboard.


The walnut tree has blossoms on it now, but not very many. It's never been very productive since it was trimmed a few years ago. The trimming might have been done badly. I don't know anything about proper tree trimming, but it seems wrong that the tree should now be producing half as many walnuts in proportion to the total walnut-bearing space available on it. Or maybe it's just getting old, and will soon die like the cherry tree did.

Better news is that the chance of rain Friday and Saturday has increased. Even one more good rainstorm would be so nice, before we have to face the arid summer. I hope May brings it. And tomorrow is the last day of unshowered April. April, you stink!