April 21st, 2009

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Mom had her appointment with the doctor today, an event that is always followed by hours, if not days, of drama. It eats up the time. Dad's appointment is later this week, and no drama is likely to ensue— unless Mom creates it, of course. I don't go to doctors, other than the chiropractor who yanks on my head. Drama from that is usually minimal.

The gray cat has been giving the black and white cat a bad time tonight. He keeps chasing her away from the yard. Both kitties think they own me. They do, of course, but I expect them to share possession. At least black and white cat has the good sense to run away when gray cat goes after her, so the fights are brief. But she did manage to snag a piece of his fur earlier, which I found on the back porch.

Internet cats are less trouble than real cats, and I have to say that Keyboard Cat does have a sort of genius, however odd or abstract (and occasionally cruel.) I could watch for... minutes, anyway.

It was very warm today, but the bad news is that the prediction of a 30% chance of rain over the weekend has vanished. Now only partial cloudiness is predicted. I would like all the whales in the Pacific to get busy with their blow-holes, to get that chance of rain back up! Humidify the air, cetaceans!

Play me off, Keyboard Cat.