April 18th, 2009


Late Light

The only time the black and white cat licks my hand is just after she's licked her butt. I guess she wants to get the taste of cat butt off her tongue. She's definitely a lap cat, though one with a short attention span. She likes about three minutes of lap time, and fidgets all the while, then hops down to explore or to get a drink or another few bites of food. She must still be fairly young, as her behavior is still decidedly kittenish. Either young, or a very nervous kitty.

The day was balmy, and there were bees examining every crevice in the house to see if it was an opening to some space suitable for hiving. A few butterflies visited the yard, and when dusk fell (which was not until nearly eight o'clock) the moths began to arrive. The lepidoptera should enjoy the weather while they can. Spring isn't going to give way to summer without resistance. Though the next few days will be hot, by Thursday the clouds will be back and the high temperature is expected to reach only the low sixties. More rain would be nice, but none is predicted. The lilies are looking a bit droopy, and they've only lately begun to bloom. I'd rather not water them. We might need that water to flush the toilet later this year.

Linkage for your amusement: Lego art, and more Lego art. Both of these depict famous works reproduced with Legos. But there's also original Lego art. I don't think anybody ever got that serious with Tinkertoys.

Happy 103rd birthday to the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire!