April 17th, 2009

caillebotte_the orangerie


The dogwoods are blooming, with the red one well ahead of the white one, as usual. The white azaleas are in bloom, but the red ones are lagging behind. The dogwoods and azaleas clearly have some sort of deal worked out. I still have no deal with any form of vegetation, so I'm still enduring the annual torments of having plant pollen wasted on me. I'm also dodging bees every time I go out. I'm glad they're still around, of course, but I'd rather they didn't mistake my hair for stamens. No doubt my hair is covered with pollen, though, so the seemingly perverse hymenopteran behavior is understandable.

Aside from the pollen and the constant threat of bee stings, the days have briefly grown very nice. A few days hence it's going to be too hot to hang about in the yard afternoons, but right now it's just dandy. Even the evening air is now mild enough to make sitting outside attractive long after sunset. The porch light offers enough illumination that I can even ponder the mystery volunteer flower which has popped up among the roses. It looked like a weed, then put out a couple of very pretty blossoms of white and remarkable shades of pink. I don't know what it actually is, but suspect it of being some sort of primrose.

While the air has grown warm, it's also gotten rather still. I'm already missing the gusty breezes of recent days, though they probably stirred up way more pollen. I guess I won't complain about their departure. At least the first crickets have emerged, and are now singing, and the new moths are fluttering about the porch light.

Black and white cat didn't show up until well past three o'clock this morning, but made up for lost time by arriving early tonight. She's on the roof right now. I hear her moving around once in a while. She comes down when I go out. I think she likes to sit up there because she can stay hidden from other cats simply by moving to the opposite slope of the roof. She's a clever kitty.

I'm keeping an eye on Dreamwidth, a journaling/social networking site currently in beta testing which is staffed mostly by former LJers and uses the LJ code. Of all the LJ spinoffs that have come along, this one looks most appealing (not to take anything away from the always interesting DeadJournal.) I haven't done anything rash like sign up yet, but I'm definitely going to consider it. Their open beta phase begins April 30. That will be just a couple of months short of my seventh year at LJ.