April 13th, 2009


Cat Fun

All four kitties turned up last night, within the space of an hour. Fortunately, none stuck around to see the others.

This afternoon I had to get up early because I have a dental appointment. The new striped kitty (or old striped kitty, since she might be the one who visited last spring and vanished that summer) was on the back porch. I gave her a fresh bowl of food. A few minutes later I looked out and saw the gray cat eating. The striped kitty was no longer around, so they must have missed each other by a minute or two.

Gray cat drank some water from the bowl the birds bathe in, then rolled in the grass and went farther out back to pick out a shade-dappled spot for his afternoon nap. I guess he'll still be here when I get back from the dentist's office. I just hope no other kitties turn up in the meantime.


The teeth are all cleaned and polished, and the grit from the polishing compound is finally gone (that stuff always reminds me of my childhood nervous habit of biting pencil erasers when stuck in the classroom waiting for the bell to ring.)

The striped kitty is hanging around in the back yard. She's bound to see another cat. But that might be why she's waiting. She might be using my yard as a place to hook up with Toms. Oh, that I should have lived to be a cat pander!

As a reward for having read this entry, enjoy this Film Classic: Michael Bay Eating a Bowl of Cereal. No one will be admitted to the theater after the movie has begun. Please don't reveal the shocking conclusion.