March 11th, 2009



The gray cat turned up again today, ate a little bit, then took a long nap in the warm sunshine. The red patch on his neck is looking better, but the huge patch of fur missing all around it looks even bigger than it did before. He's probably licked it off. It's spiky edges give him a punkish appearance.

I think perhaps the reason he isn't eating very much is because of the Huge Hairball he probably has in his stomach right now. Maybe I ought to get a tube of that smelly, fish-flavored hairball medicine and put a dab out for him now and then. Some of the cats I've had would eat it, and some wouldn't. Anyway, he's gone off again tonight. He must be getting more confident as he heals. I hope he doesn't get so confident that he goes back to the fields the coyotes get into.

It's supposed to stay warm for the next several days, and there's a slight chance of rain Saturday. I won't count on it. It would be nice for the yard to get a bit more free water, though. The lawn is beginning to turn brown again already. Stupid drought.