January 28th, 2009


Late Again

Whoa. I lost track of time and Tuesday went away. My journal is getting holes in it. This is what happens when I decide to start sorting the unsortable piles of stuff in my room. The hours just melt away. I blame the pleasant weather, of course. It often gives me fits of tidiness. If I moved to some place perpetually gray and cold I'd probably end up buried under piles of junk, but I'd never miss posting an entry each day.

Until tomorrow, then. Meaning today.


The moths are back, now that it's gotten a bit warmer again. About a dozen small gray ones are on my back porch, perched on the walls, the window, the ceiling, the beams, and two are on the screen door. I've opened and closed the door several times tonight and the moths stay put. Must be nap time. I like having them around. They make nice decorations. Perhaps if I turned off the porch light, they'd fly away to do whatever moths usually do at night. But if they were flying around, they might get devoured by bats. It's a dangerous life for moths. I guess I'll leave the light on for them.

If the markets keep crashing, there might be more opportunities such as this one to snag some art at fire sale prices. I'm guessing that fire sale in this case would still be five or six figures and up, so the opportunity is for people who are still richish— meaning they haven't invested their money in the same places the institutions that will be having the fire sales did. I'm not among them. Not because I made the wrong investments, but because I just don't have that much money. Too bad. I've always wanted a de Kooning for my bathroom.

Tomorrow is my next head-yanking appointment. It's going to be a fairly nice day for it, too. I'm hoping nothing disrupts my sleep. I don't really enjoy getting my head yanked when I haven't had enough sleep.