January 10th, 2009

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I think the gray cat and the white-faced cat have started some sort of eating competition. Any food I put out has vanished by the next time I look outside, which is usually no more than an hour later. I seldom see which cat is eating, but I have to keep putting more out because I'm afraid one will eat all of it and leave the other hungry. Most likely, I'm going to end up with two enormously fat feral cats lounging about in my back yard. This could get costly.

I'm enjoying the big winter moon, and the weather is making it easier to do so. It's expected to get up to seventy Monday, and remain in the sixties through Wednesday. This afternoon was surprisingly balmy— more so than expected. The Earth may be hurtling toward the Sun. I'm not worried about getting burned, though, as we'll probably crash into the moon before we get close enough to feel that much heat. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the back yard each night, watching the moonlight play across the metal roofs beyond the fence. Totally worth the coming apocalypse!