January 7th, 2009

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


So far this year I've not taken my jade plants indoors, and yet they survive. The jade plants have followed me (well, I had to physically bring them) to each place I've lived, from my second childhood home. All you have to do with a jade plant is break off a small section and stick it in a pot, or int he dirt where it won't get stepped on, and it will grow.

When I was a kid I built miniature cities in my yard and used jade plants for street trees. They would grow quickly and overwhelm the streets. Just like real street trees. Each time I moved I'd take a few cuttings to plant in my new yard. When I moved here, I never planted them in the yard itself because of the very cold winters, and I wanted them portable so I could bring them in when night temperatures approached freezing.

Now I've got two very large plants in big pots on the back porch. Maybe they've adapted to the cold. If I move from here I intend to leave them and only take cuttings with me to plant wherever I go next. I might even finally stick a couple into the ground here this spring. I'd like to think of them still being here after I'm gone.

Before I forget again, here's one of the (CLOWN WARNING) scariest pictures I've ever seen. Thanks for the nightmare fodder, Fun House!

There's fog again tonight. It smells good, and the trees are dripping with condensation. I'm going out to sniff, and listen, and probably freeze my balls ears off.