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Perfect [Jun. 10th, 2017|10:11 pm]
It was very nearly a perfect early spring day today— cool, slightly breezy, with the bright blue sky sporting an assortment of fluffy, white clouds. How such a day got here from April I don't know, but I won't look this gift horse in the mouth. I just enjoyed it.

The next strange thing happening is the prediction of rain tomorrow. It's up to a peak possibility of 69% at ten o'clock in the evening, after being below 50% all afternoon. That it might rain at all on June 11 is astonishing, and even some light sprinkles will probably fill me with joy should they come, at any hour. I am somewhat less than joyful at the prospect of low temperatures in the mid-40s tonight and tomorrow (I really want to be done with the furnace for the season) but again, gift horse.

Tomorrow is also predicted to have a high of 59 degrees, which again is quite astonishing— especially when one considers that the following Sunday will be nosing 100 degrees. I fear I might get temperature whiplash. The heat is to begin Tuesday, in fact, which is when I have my next appointment with the chiropractor, but it isn't expected to get above the high 70s, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm really not looking forward to shopping next week, though. My brain fries when the days get into the 80s, and I do stupid things.

Not that I don't do stupid things when it's cool, of course. I just tend to do fewer of them. For example the only really stupid thing I did last night was go to sleep without turning the computer off. Then I used it all day, and the poor machine is probably exhausted now. I think I'll let it rest while I go out and look at the moon and see if the next storm's clouds are gathering yet.