December 31st, 2008

caillebotte_man at his window


So the year is ending cold again. It tends to do that here. I'm only surprised it wasn't even colder. Compared to yesterday, it was mild. This afternoon, a wan sun sent light to the back yard, and the gray cat curled up in a patch of it. He was enjoying it so much that he didn't even stir to run off the white-faced cat, who came and ate the food I'd left out. I refiled the bowl, of course, so both feral kitties got a year-end dinner. I wondered about the striped cat, though, who hasn't been around for months. I hope it's because she found a home somewhere.

My mom hasn't been very well the past couple of days. This evening she was way more distracted than usual, and I think she might have had another one of her small strokes. It looks like she'll make it to 2009, though. If so, then we'll have to get her an appointment with her doctor. He might want to change her medication. It would help if she would keep her oxygen on. Every time she gets up she forgets to put it back on when she goes back to bed. I can keep an eye on her at night, but when I'm sleeping my dad forgets to remind her, and he's usually taking a nap himself, anyway. He naps a lot.

Time for my last shower of 2008. I want to be clean for the new year, after all.

A Happy New Year to all.