December 15th, 2008


Froze! In the Dark!

So we ended up with about six inches of snow. The power was off much of the night, and the lights continue to flicker tonight (though the storm appears to have passed), so I'm still reluctant to spend much time on the computer.

Despite the inconvenience, I did enjoy listening to the icy flecks tinkling against the metal roof vents of the kitchen stove and the heater in the den, and the periodic dropping of clumps of snow from the trees onto the roof or the ground. It sounded a bit like distant artillery in an old war movie.

The gray cat made himself scarce through the storm— probably hunkered down in our back yard shed— and just came out a while ago to devour the bowl of food I'd left our for him. I think another kitty came by and ate what I'd left out last night, as the bowl had bits of food scattered all around it and kitty spit in the bottom, and gray cat is a very tidy eater.

One very interesting thing that happened was that, while the snow was still very fine and powdery, and a steady south wind was blowing it, the diamond openings of the chain link fence that divides the back yard filled almost entirely with snow, so it looked like a long, over-sized waffle covered in powdered sugar. I've never seen such a thing happen before. It was worth a few hours of being bundled into a blanket and reading by the light of a portable lamp (and being without Internets) just to see that.

Then this afternoon there was some huge contretemps among the blue jays and the acorn woodpeckers. I have no idea what it was about, but it was very noisy for several minutes. Then a bit of sun appeared just before sunset and turned the pine needles a bright gold. That was nice. I might get to see the moon tonight, if the clouds continue to thin out.

Snow will probably be on the ground for a few days, as it isn't going to get much warmer than it is now. Another storm is due Thursday, but might bring only cold, cold rain. I hope there isn't more snow to block the roads, as I'm supposed to get my head yanked by the chiropractor Thursday afternoon, and I seriously need it.