December 10th, 2008



The moon is getting close to full again. Two more nights. This will be the last full moon of the year. I might get to see it, since the clouds that are due probably won't cover the whole sky Friday. By Saturday, rain is likely, and on Sunday and Monday the nocturnal temperature will drop low enough to make snow possible. We'll have to stock up on stuff, in case the roads get dangerous. And I do hope the power doesn't fail. Don't want to freeze in the dark before the year is even over. And if it does snow, it will be just in time to bury and freeze the mulberry leaves that are beginning to drop in large numbers. Then after they thaw they'll be all slimy and gross when I have to rake them. Ech. It would be best if the snow would hold off until January.

Is it just me, or is there some serious vintage innuendo in these ads I stumbled on at Flickr?:

Who can resist the superb, nutty flavor of Dry Sack?

Shiny wood, smoke, pretzels? Miller makes it right? (Dude! You're wearing a wedding ring!)

Anticipating something tasty thanks to Bud!

Ah, love the 1950s!