December 9th, 2008



It got very windy here again last night. I'd have gone out to enjoy it, but found the wind chill intolerable, so I just sat in the living room and listened to the windows rattle and the chimney boom. It probably won't be as windy tonight, or as cold, but it still feels very wintry outside. I'm glad I've got a heating system. I hope we can continue to afford to run it.

The music store from which I bought my first LP went out of business long ago, but I've found that the building it occupied is now the location of something called the Lizard Theatre Company. A newer building a few blocks away, on a site where I recall a 1920s commercial structure with arched portico, now houses something called The American Museum of Beat Art. I find it difficult to wrap my head around the idea that Alhambra, once the epitome of a dull, whitebread suburb, is now home to a theater company and a museum dedicated to beatniks. It should have had something more interesting than The Hat when I lived there.