November 23rd, 2008

caillebotte_man at his window

Time Flown

Hours before the thin moon rises, a few dewdrops form and catch the light spilled from windows or porch lights, setting the grass with small jewels. This damp suggests the possibility of rain in a day or two. Maybe it will come and maybe it won't. Predictions are always chancy in November. Orion is predictable, though. He'll be up there most of the night, making his way across the sky. Now that it's cold, I have to wear a coat if I want to see him. He might be hidden among clouds soon, so I'll probably spend some time watching him tonight. I find myself amazed that the year is so far gone. One more month of autumn, and then the nights will begin to shorten again, and winter's gray days will lengthen. I don't expect that they'll seem very long, though. It's getting to be that time.

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