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November 6th, 2008 - Weather, Or Not — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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November 6th, 2008

Fallen [Nov. 6th, 2008|10:35 pm]
I just had a hearing of swans flying over. I can't call it a sighting because it's dark out and I couldn't see them. It was nice to sit and listen to them calling, though, especially since the night air is fairly mild. The clear sky reveals a moon already half full. It sneaked up on me while the nights were cloudy. The rain and overcast are entirely gone now. I overslept and missed most of the sunshine today, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny too, and then there will be a chance of rain on Saturday followed by cool and partly cloudy days once again. Oh, and the dogwood trees are now bright red. Novembery!
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