November 3rd, 2008


Bye Bye Bugs

I'd expected the rain to get stronger last night and then diminish today, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. All night there was dry silence, and today the downpours returned. It got quite windy at times, too. It's quieted down now, and the rain has stopped again, so I guess we can expect another quite night, and possibly more rain tomorrow. But when the sun next emerges, it will probably have bright red leaves to illuminate on the dogwood trees. It's getting very Novemberish.

I failed to mention yesterday that when I went outside early Sunday morning I found that the outdoor sink had ten large bugs dying in it. Cicadas, I think. They had probably flown toward the porch light and smacked into the wall, ending up in the sink. This happens every year about this time. They usually end up crawling in the drain stoppers, which are large metal devices with perforated bottoms, and a center device by which they can be held. I picked up the stoppers and carried the dying bugs in them out into the back yard an dumped them. Those who survived the night probably ended up as breakfast for the early birds (you're welcome, birds.) At least I didn't have to see them squirming in their death throes every time I went out all night. RIP, cicadas. I guess I'll be hearing your kids screech next summer. For now, I'm leaving the porch light off so no more dying bugs will find their way into the sink.