October 11th, 2008


Saturday Fragments

Flickr has been unavailable for several hours this evening. Thinking there might be news about it on some website, I Googled for "flickr unavailable" and found this handy page. It dates from 2004, and it has four links to what I assume might be mirror sites of some sort. I clicked on the first of them and, lo, Flickr appeared! All the pages I clicked on were there. A useful URL to remember.

It stayed pretty cool today, with more north wind and lots of big clouds crossing the sun's path. I still haven't raked the leaves from the lawn, but I swept the porch so it won't be so noisy to walk on at night. The gray cat now arrives in the afternoon, and today napped in a sunny spot near the back fence until I put some food out for him. He's vanished now, probably off to some warmer spot than any my yard provides.

Another YouTube discovery: Most Americans probably only know Vittorio De Sica as an Italian neo-realist film director, and only his work after The Bicycle Thief, released here in 1950. But he had a whole career as an actor and singer in pre-war Italy. Here's a clip of him singing Parlami d'amore Mariù in a 1932 film. There was also a YouTube video of his 78RPM recording of the same song, but it has vanished. I don't know how long the movie clip will last. Watch it while you can!