October 8th, 2008


Looking For Lulz In All the Wrong Places

For some reason, when using search terms "brokaw letterman" at YouTube, after the first dozen or so results you get links to a bunch of Pepe Le Pew cartoons. The reason I was searching "brokaw letterman" is because a few nights ago I stumbled across Brokaw's appearance on Letterman's show and Brokaw twice within a few sentences mentioned the "Kennedy-Eisenhower debates" during the 1960 election. Letterman (bless his wicked heart) didn't jump in after Brokaw's first gaffe to correct him, and then let his repetition of it slide as well. I was sure somebody would have posted the moment to YouTube by now, but apparently nobody has. What, is Tom Brokaw to be spared Internet embarrassment? That should not be! But even though I found no LOL Brokaw video to link to, at least I now know there are Pepe Le Pew cartoons available.

But then who needs such entertainment when kitties come and laze in one's yard, and squirrels bark at them, and acorn woodpeckers go crazy? All this and perfect autumn weather again, plus I've still got several of those frozen fruit bars to get rid of. They won't eat themselves!

Out to join the kitty and enjoy the waxing moon. It waxes itself!