September 11th, 2008

bazille_summer scene

Moving Experiences

Got my head yanked on by the chiropractor this afternoon, so I'm probably good for another month. I must hope not to pretzel myself in my sleep, though. That happens sometimes when the house gets hot. I try to twist out from under my blankets and end up in some odd position with my head crammed into a corner and my feet hanging off the side of the bed. I might get lucky, since the night has already turned cool, and we've probably dropped twenty degrees F since this afternoon. The windows will stay open all night, and my room will cool off enough to stay tolerable through my sleeping time tomorrow.

Oh, but speaking of bad weather, who likes Ike? Houston, you have a problem.

Pasadena replaced its old Police Department building a few years ago. I've never seen the new one, but this Flickr photo shows that the Pasadena Police Department has big balls. The giant scrolls are, uh, interesting, as well. LOL postmodern pseudo-classical neo-mannerism! Plus, the architect was Christ!