September 2nd, 2008



Somebody in the neighborhood is doing some late cooking again tonight, but it smells much better than whatever was cooking the other night. It's very garlicky, and is making me nostalgic for my old neighborhood in Rosemead, where the scent of garlic is heavy in the air every evening. If I had a wok I'd stir-fry something.

Aside from there being nothing garlicky for me to eat, this is another pleasant September night. The gray cat is napping in my back yard, only a few cicadas are making white noise, and a cool breeze is bringing the garlic smell through my window. I do have some decent watermelon to eat, which is a food none the worse for want of garlic, and all my various household tasks are done so I have a couple of spare hours to devote to reading. Or Internets.

Reading it is. Goodnight, Internets.