August 30th, 2008

caillebotte_man at his window

#1 Threat!

A couple of dogs were barking like crazy some distance east of here. I wonder if they spotted one of those displaced bears who've been seen a few times since the fires? While I enjoy visits from cats, and I like bears just fine when they stay in the forest, I'd be most displeased to have bears visit my yard. For one thing, they leave loads of droppings! For another, bears bite! Not to mention that bears are the #1 threat to America!

Another reason not to want bears around right now is because I'm looking forward to tomorrow being the coolest day in days, and I'd like to spend the evening outdoors without being mauled. I also like to leave the windows open at night this time of year, and the bears will be able to smell my tasty snacks. Bears love popcorn!

The feral cats would probably be distressed by having bears in the yard, too. They're not all that pleased even to have me in the yard, and I'm the one feeding them. They always wait for me to go back indoors before they'll eat. A bear would really put them off their feed.

Well, I can't let the possibility of bears being about keep me in the house all night. Orion must be looked at!