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August 9th, 2008

Mild [Aug. 9th, 2008|11:08 pm]
For the first time in weeks, we were able to do without air conditioning today. Merely keeping most of the windows closed until evening was sufficient to make the house tolerable, and now the cool night air is drifting in to remove the stuffiness. Whatever smoke may still be drifting from the few fires still burning is keeping its distance, for now. I can detect only the scent of dry grass, and the occasional whiff of perfume from the gardenias. The waxing moon, now gone gibbous, is revealing details of the pines.

At sunset, a dozen or more small birds flitted about, arranging themselves on the utility wires like notes of music, constantly changing, and once they had departed a single woodpecker alighted on a crossbeam of the nearest pole and made a few chuckling calls to the gathering dusk. The chirps of crickets soon supplanted his song. This summer has turned gentler at last. I welcome the placidity, for however long it lasts.

As a local weather report is little to post, here's another YouTube discovery: A tango by Miguel Caló, "Al Compás del Corazón". The other tango recordings int he group from which this one comes, posted by YouTube user onetangospring as the playlist 23 tango dance orchestras are worth exploring if you enjoy Argentina's unique contribution to popular music.
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