July 31st, 2008



Summer is not the best time for stars. Too bad. The warm nights— now jasmine-scented once again, thanks to my future astronomical water bill— are a good time to be outdoors. The earth faces the wrong way on summer nights, though, turning from the greatest concentrations of stars. Maybe I should go to the Southern hemisphere? Summer nights there must be splendidly alight.

In any case, the feral cats have lately claimed the back yard for themselves in the evenings. Tonight, after a bit of frolic, the striped cat departed and the gray cat settled down for a nap a dozen feet from my back door. I don't want to disturb him, and I know he'll run away if I go out there, so I've been keeping myself to the front yard which, unfortunately, has even poorer viewing conditions than the back, due to neighbors who keep their porch lights on late.

I should probably go do the laundry and other indoor chores anyway.

Goodnight, Thursday.