July 13th, 2008

caillebotte_man at his window

Catching Up

I'm semi-caught-up with reading LJ, though haven't replied yet to the accumulated comments (but thanks to everyone for your concern.) Getting all the stuff we moved out back into its place eats time, but we need most of these things to be in their accustomed spots where they can be found when needed. I considered leaving much of it packed, just in case, but closer thought made me realize this was impractical. I'll just have to hope we don't get another situation demanding evacuation.

I haven't seen the feral cats, but they've been eating the food and drinking the water. I did see what I'm pretty sure was a young possum (the first possum I've ever seen around here.) My guess is that evacuees took away most of their dogs and cats, making it possible for the possum to explore areas it formerly avoided. The little guy got a drink from the cat bowl, but didn't climb onto the chair the food bowl is on. Then it wandered off. I hope it stays safe now that all the domestic animals will be coming back.

Also, in Chico the other day I saw the most interesting lepidoptera. It was small and gray, the color and shape of a leaf turned to ash, which is what I thought it was when it first landed on a vine's tendril near my foot. Then it began rubbing its folded wings together and I realized it was some sort of tiny butterfly or moth. It had a shiny head, too, of iridescent red and green, I think. It flew up and fluttered away before I could get a closer look. I've never seen one like it before.

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