July 7th, 2008



We no longer have an outdoor thermometer, but I'd venture to guess that the temperature topped 110F here today. I could smell the dessicated grass even over the lingering scent of smoke. The advantage of the heat is that it sends most of the smoke up rather than out, so the air got fairly clean by evening. It might return tonight, though, as our usual nocturnal northern breeze has begun blowing. It, too, is hot, but has not yet begun to stink.

The waxing crescent moon is barely tinged with the faintest shade of orange. A few stars are shining. I'll probably have to leave the air conditioner on all night despite the fairly clean air. This is probably going to be one of those nights when it never gets below 70 degrees. The thought of August makes me sweat even more than the reality of July. What a year!

A YouTube discovery: A song about something we haven't had in appreciable amounts since late February, Rain, as recorded in 1927 by Emil Velazco on a Welte theatre organ.