July 1st, 2008


Slightly Airier

Now I sort of miss the smoke in the afternoons. It helped keep the temperature down by dimming the sun. Today was way too hot. By night, smoke is still hanging around, but the nearest fire being about half contained (after more than a week) means it will probably be gone by mid-July. Containment is expected by the ninth, and appears to be on schedule and it will probably take a week or so to put the thing out altogether. No displace lions have visited us yet, but they've been sighted near Chico following the fire in the foothills above there a couple of weeks ago. I guess they don't want to get their paws wet crossing the Feather River, however low it is.

I noticed a couple of fresh blossoms on the trumpet vine today. Those that were killed by the smoke are lying on the ground. Maybe there'll be a decent number of new ones to replace them now that the days are fairly clear. There won't be any fresh jasmine blossoms, though. We have to wait another year before having properly scented summer nights again.

Doldrum has set in after all the excitement. Being on the edge of disaster loses its kick pretty fast.

Goodnight, fire.