June 21st, 2008

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Yesterday I mocked Thor and he retaliated by waking me with a tremendous thunderclap today. Then there was more thunder, off and on for about an hour. Quite a few claps were close enough to rattle the windows. There was a brief flurry of rain— only enough to get the pavement damp and make the downspout drip for a few minutes— and an even briefer flurry of hail, but the evaporation was rapid, and insufficient to cool the torrid day. It just made the air muggy. I guess I won't mock Thor anymore.

And now somebody in the neighborhood is cooking something with a tangy sauce. I can smell it. I'm envious. I have nothing to cook that would be suited to a tangy sauce, and I don't think I have anything with which to make a tangy sauce anyway. It's a hot and misery-inducing day and I have no sweet and sour ribs. The only compensation is the sky, draped with swaths of slate and silver clouds trailing the storm eastward. And beer, of course. There will at least be beer to go with my tangy-sauceless dinner.

A YouTube discovery: This would deserve posting if only for the name of the band, Irving Mills and His Hotsy Totsy Gang. But it's also interesting for being a fairly early recording of Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust, with a surprisingly advanced arrangement for 1929. The video accompaniment is nice, too, despite the night shots of Manhattan being of far more recent vintage than the recording.