June 17th, 2008

caillebotte_the orangerie

Busy Day Again

I still found a few minutes to sit in the back yard and enjoy the balmy spring. About a dozen poppies remain in bloom. At their peak there were more than 150 of them. But as the golden poppies fade, the trumpet vine begins to sport golden flowers. They will last a long time. There's always some gold in the back yard from spring to fall. I like that.

Heh. The Fox News website (to which I will not link) ran an article picked up from PC Magazine which is headlined "Facebook's Death Spiral Has Begun" and carries the teaser line "Facebook's long, slow, and, for some, sad decline into oblivion has begun." Fox News is of course owned by News Corporation which owns... MySpace! Hmmm, I wonder if there might be some bias there? PC Magazine is owned by Ziff Davis Media, which received Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection a few months ago. Hmmm, I wonder how dependent they are on News Corporation willingness to direct a bit of revenue to them by picking up their stories on the Fox News site? And I wonder what sort of enormous clusterf*ck goes on in corporate media board rooms?