June 15th, 2008

bazille_summer scene


PG&E (aka Piggy) deprived us of electricity for another six hours this evening, so I'm late. The computer was running when the power went down, too, and now I've got two e-mails delivered to my e-mail client that are entirely blank. I can probably see them whole at my AT&T-Yahoo inbox, but haven't had time to go look at them yet. Feh. But, freed from the Endless Tubes of the Intarwebz for a while, I did get some reading of the old ink-on-paper sort done, at least.

Something I found before the power went off: 426 recipes in The Stinking Rose, a garlic cookbook online. Also, because eggplant season is about to arrive, here's the Eggplant Recipe Database at Ashbury's Abuergines. 3116 recipes and counting, it says.

And, though Ashbury is not Ashbery, and aubergines are not spinach nor rutabagas (nor do I say to Hell with them), and though I (who yam what I yam) might even have posted this before, here it is from this yet-unburned place:

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