June 4th, 2008

caillebotte_the orangerie


When I went out to check the mailbox (which I'd forgotten to do all day) about dusk, an acorn woodpecker went crazy. It flew back and forth between the utility pole at the corner of my yard to a tall pine tree up the block, squawking and squawking. I don't know if it was in hysterics because of me or something else. I couldn't see any cats or hawks or owls or such that might be threatening its nest, but I've never had an acorn woodpecker react to my presence that way. The bird settled down after I went indoors, so it's entirely possible that I was the cause of its distress. Weird.

The reason I didn't go check the mail until late was because I took another of those unintentional naps this evening. I blame dinner having been too large. It's possible that I need to change my diet. Pizza is the Devil's tool.

The day was another spring delight, though, jasmine-scented and decorated with tiny white clouds forming and dissolving. There are still not very many bees around, but butterflies are more plentiful than in recent springs. Hummingbirds visit the flowers in large numbers as well. All the birds appear to be having a banner year. Singing goes on all day, and I'm seeing more and more fledglings. Must keep an eye on the peach tree, now that I have no cat to guard it for me.

Time now to go into a tiny tiled cubicle and have some hot water fall on me.