May 27th, 2008


Random Stuff

Phoenix Lander sounds like a name for a character in a video game.

Afternoon passed from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, the innocent-looking stray patches of white cumulus that shared the western sky with the sun turning out to have been advance scouts of the lurking gray mass by which the mountains had been shadowed all day. Now all but a few blue patches have been usurped, and the sun is setting amid golden haze. But there was enough clarity to allow the air to become almost balmy, so the night might be mild enough to smell of jasmine at last.

Young pine cones now are fairly abundant on the ponderosas, and several older cones that didn't fall last year are lying on the ground, crowded out. This looks like it might be a medium cone year. Heavy cone crops are not frequent in ponderosas. They tend to come on average about every eight years, while medium crops usually come every two or three years. There appear to be enough cones this year that the birds will eat well late this summer when the seeds ripen, so we ought to get plenty of chirping when September comes.

Meanwhile, it looks as though the cool spell is ending. It will be into the eighties by Friday. June being nearly here, I guess it's to be expected.

"How I Spent My Stimulus" is intermittently amusing, but I'm a bit disappointed at being unable to find anyone who has, as yet, admitted to spending their check on hookers and blow.

I found another entertaining video by the Boswell Sisters. I had no idea they did Rock and Roll. This appears to be from a very early Jack Benny movie called Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round. Well, Okay, it's actually a Gene Raymond movie, but hardly anybody recognizes his name today, and those are mostly people who know either that he was married to Jeannette McDonald or people who know that he was one of the three then-big stars who,in 1933, had "Flying Down to Rio" stolen from them by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Anyway, the Bozzies show up about one minute into this clip. The singer in the opening is named Jean Sargent.