May 26th, 2008

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I kept waiting for the mail to come and then remembered it was a holiday. D'oh! That's what happens when you don't get out often enough.

We've enjoyed another mostly cloudy (but also mostly dry) day, and the crickets are chirping slowly as the sky waits for the moon to rise and turn its rumpled darkness to blue-gray marble. It's going to be pretty if the clouds stick around long enough.

But here I've let most of another day (or most of the part of it I had free, at least) get sucked into the maw of the Intarwebz, and am currently wishing I'd torn myself away from the computer and gotten a shower before everybody went to sleep. Can't make the noise now. I tend to itch (mostly psychosomatic, I think) if I don't get very, very wet and soapy every single day.

Enough Intarwebz. Now for some mindless television.