May 22nd, 2008



The clouds were spectacular today, the sky being filled with fluff hour after hour. There was a bit of thunder, but none nearby and no rain. While the clouds were dry, they provided sufficient shade to keep the afternoon cool. Meanwhile, periodic stiff breezes covered the ground with dessicated pine catkins, their pollen spent, which crunched underfoot when I went to the mailbox. Tonight the breeze has settled down to a steady whisper, but wherever I step I still make a crunching sound. The owls will know exactly where I am!

The voting for a user to represent us on the LJ Advisory Board has begun. As entertaining as it might be to have jameth on the board, and as much of an ass-pain as he'd undoubtedly be to management, I see no reason not to back the reasonable rm, who makes a position statement here. She appears to be in third place currently (jameth is way ahead of everybody, of course.) This is where you vote, and where you can read about how the election is structured (it's complicated, but then it was devised by LJ after all.)

Links to every candidate's statements are on this page. These are not available on the voting page, so look here first if you want to check out the competition.

Voting of another kind can be done at Google Image Labeler (it's also reachable from a link at the bottom of the first page of results from any Google Image search.) Being Google-account-free, I have to play as a mere guest and thus collect no points (which appear to be purely for vanity in any case), but it's an entertaining way to pass two minutes. Whether or not this game will lead to improvements in Google's search (the ostensible purpose of it) I don't know.