May 17th, 2008


Still Hot

Another busy day. Got an oxygen machine installed for my mom. I do hope the house doesn't explode.

It was terribly hot again, too. We had to have the air conditioner on for about six hours this afternoon and evening. If this keeps up it's going to be a costly summer. And here I thought John McCain had ended this whole global warming business (highly placed Republican admits global warming is real, acknowledges that human activity contributes to it, then when hell freezes over, Karl Rove leaves the door open during his frequent visits to Satan, chill balances out the effect of greenhouse gasses, problem solved.) I guess I was overly optimistic.

Very shortly I will be much in need of popcorn.

Entertainment should be expected on Saturdays. Here it is: I tend to forget that Ricardo Montalban, before he turned to Corinthian leather (and hanging with little people), had been a dancer. Then he suffered a spinal injury when he ran afoul of some horses while filming the 1951 release "Across the Wide Missouri" and had to give up his terpsichorean activities. Here he is in earlier days slithering about on bar-tops with Cyd Charisse in an otherwise largely forgettable 1948 Esther Williams movie. He's really quite good. And, as a bonus, Cyd does the splits! You're welcome.