May 8th, 2008

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

By Day It's Bees

There's a huge population of crickets sharing my yard with me this year. Last year there were only a few, but tonight I stepped out the front door at dusk to hear at least six distinct chirps within a few feet of the porch. Down by the lily patch I hear more, and at least two sing from the flower bed by the driveway. The back yard, having a greater area of shrubs and flowers and hedges, has an even bigger cricket chorus. They sing so loudly that they nearly drown out the stronger but more distant croaking of the frogs. The sum of their sounds is soothing. It's best to remain indoors and listen through the windows, though, as recent warm weather has led to the hatching of mosquitoes. I don't like when they decide to add their buzzing to the night's music. I wish those frogs were nearer.

Because horror loves company as much as misery does, I inflict upon you Man Babies, which I wish had never been. Now that it's here we can't do anything about it. Oh, technology! What have you unleashed?

Sorry. Here are links to fifty Charlie Chaplin movies or shorts you can watch or download. Maybe they will help get those horrible images out of your head.