May 3rd, 2008


Sat, Ur-day

The poppies didn't all bloom at once this year. Some plants have already dropped all their blossoms, others are in full bloom, and a few haven't yet begun. It must be due to the variable weather we've been having. I've noticed that the flowers, which open wide in direct sunlight, begin closing within minutes of falling into shade. Such sensitive plants! It's all that dope they've got in them, I'll bet.

It was nearly toasty today, but the evening is cool. The frogs and crickets are still singing. Late last night I heard a ruckus of raccoons up the street. I think they were chasing one another up and down the pine trees. There was much noise of claws scrabbling on bark. Spring is so entertaining!

Saturday is a fairly slow day around here (and around here as well.) I know exactly what everybody needs to enliven things:

"Lady of Spain" played on a hand-cranked street organ!

You're quite welcome.