May 1st, 2008

caillebotte_the orangerie

No Rain on No Parade

It was May Day, but there was no parade on my street. There were the fading lilies to look at, and the tiny green peaches which, with luck, will soon become big, tasty peaches, and there were birds hanging around whom I suspect of having designs on those peaches. I no longer have cats to guard the fruit from the birds, so even if many of the tiny peaches get large, I'll have to be quick to get any before they are full of pecks.

Out back the number of poppies is growing. The butterflies seem to be especially fond of the poppies. I've seen more of the colorful lepidoptera in the poppy patch than anywhere else in the yard. Perhaps they are opium fiends. Whatever attracts them, I'm enjoying their presence. In fact, I got to spend quite a while outside today, and it was quite pleasant aside from the continued plague of pine pollen. I've found that pine pollen manages to get into the house even when the windows are closed, so there's no point in trying to avoid it by staying indoors. I'll just live with the stuff until it goes away, which should be within a few days.

One thing I won't be doing outdoors is participating in World Naked Gardening Day (thanks for the link to a friends-only poster who shall remain anonymous), for which the rest of you have two days to prepare. As much as I'd like to be able to join in, I must refrain from participating due to my extraordinarily photosensitive skin which would crinkle, turn red, then brown, and then peel off, if exposed to so much direct sunlight, but I expect everyone else to do their part, and then post pictures. Thanks.

My favorite month, by the way. Happy belated May Day.

Also: I am a fish, I swim around.

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