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April 26th, 2008

Getting There [Apr. 26th, 2008|08:00 pm]
Actual heat arrived today. Blue sky was feathered with streaks of cirrus, and as evening approached the clouds gathered to form a hazy mass for the sunset to color mauve and pink. The crickets began chirping long before dusk, but the frogs waited for most of the light to leave the sky before starting their choral croak. Now the air is cooling a bit, and the evening birds are chirping. The only thing to mar the day was that the pollen count has risen with the temperature, and I'm back to sneezing and looking at the lovely colors of spring through watery eyes. But however hazardous the air is for now, it certainly smells nice, and that is some compensation.

Additional compensation was provided by my discovery that there are giant pianos on a beach. I only wish that beach were near.

I'd like to note the 80th anniversary of the Warner Brothers Hollywood Theatre, which opened April 26, 1928. Too bad their opening movie was so crappy. But at least the crowd got to see the interior in pristine condition. I only went there once, on an elementary school field trip to see the first Cinerama movie. The auditorium had been altered to accommodate the big screen and three projection booths, but the place was still impressive. Later, it got triplexed and just about everything decorative got covered up with drapes or dropped ceilings. Some of the decor is still supposed to be there underneath, though.

But, no, you can't go to a movie there now. After being closed for ages, it has lately become the domain of one of those novelty churches that practices a non-scheduled theology. Given that it's in Hollywood, I suppose it's a wonder it didn't get taken over by the Scientologists instead of garden variety Christian heretics. I guess the results are the same as far as the theatre goes though. No more movies— just show business.
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