April 24th, 2008

stan and ollie

Happy Feets!

Despite a warmer day, the night is still so very cool that I had to stay indoors and squander spend the evening perusing the Webarnetz in search of whatever diversions it offered. Found Roger Wolfe Kahn. Imagine a kid's dad buying him his own orchestra!? Anyway, turns out I recognized the tune to "Crazy Rhythm" as soon as it started playing on this YouTube video (a great event of 1928, dear.) I've been hearing it all my life and never knew who wrote it. Want your very own Roger Wolfe Kahn collection on MP3? Eight songs, including "Crazy Rhythm", available for free download from the Webarnetz Archive! We live in an age of wonders! And cultural recycling!
Crazy rhythm, here's the doorway
I'll go my way, you'll go your way
Crazy rhythm, from now on we're through.

Here is where we have a showdown
I'm too high-hat, you're too low-down
Crazy rhythm, here's goodbye to you!

They say that when a high-brow meets a low-brow
Walking along Broadway
Soon the high-brow
He has no brow
Ain't it a shame?
And you're to blame

What's the use of prohibition?
You produce the same condition
Crazy rhythm, I've gone crazy too.