April 20th, 2008


Not Iced Tea Weather

Evening is remarkably chilly. Though most of the clouds were gone and the sun was bright, the day never warmed much. The little purple sourgrass flowers were closed tight, and even the few golden poppies which have already bloomed opened only slightly. The lilies have bloomed, but some of them are turning brown, maybe from the cold. Something has delivered us a big mass of Alaska's air. Yesterday was chilly, too, but today was even more so.

The good side of this is that it seems to have dampened the ardor of the local vegetation sufficiently to prevent releases of pollen, for the time being. I got to enjoy the bright but chilly day without sneezing. Enjoying the full moon will be a bit more difficult, as the temperature has dropped even lower so quickly that even my fleece hoodie was not warm enough to induce me to finish my evening walk. Even the birds went in early, and the dusk is now quiet, with no sound of either crickets or frogs. I think I'll be spending the night indoors.

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Behold! I found this October, 1951 photo in the USC Digital Archives. It's from the Los Angeles Examiner collection. It depicts a Pasadena woman named Wilma Starkey holding a skunk she rescued from traffic. Little information accompanied the photo, and for me the most notable absence was any mention of the fresh bandage Mrs. Starkey appears to be sporting on her thumb. No other mention of the event is available anywhere on the Internet, but I suppose if Mrs. Starkey had gotten rabies and died, we'd have been told about it... wouldn't we?

As usual, click photo multiple times to ultimately embiggen.

Wilma and her skunk
Wilma and her skunk
Wilma Starkey, 42, with the skunk she rescued from traffic in Pasadena, California, October 1951.