April 18th, 2008

caillebotte_the orangerie

Still Springing

This evening, an acorn woodpecker spent several minutes teasing the dogs who live beyond our back fence. It sat in the oak tree, chuckling at them as they barked and barked. When night fell, so did silence, as the woodpecker flew off to wherever it was going to sleep. The poor dogs returned to their porch and fell asleep too, but they will probably have bad dreams about that bird.

The moon is nearly full, and the clear night is bright. Behind the house, only the walnut tree remains without foliage. The oaks are now just leafy enough to allow a few stars to show through them, but the moon being so bright the stars are few and pale. Tomorrow night they might be fewer, as clouds could be forming overnight. Tomorrow's high temperature is expected to be at least ten degrees lower than today's, and the next few days might offer the best chance of rain we're likely to get for a long time. Everything is green that's supposed to be right now, and it would be nice if a bit of rain would come to help keep it that way for a while.

Bonus: Even more bucolic than my yard in spring, though rendered in black and white by the photograph, is The Turner garden at Waban, Massachusetts, 1910 from Shorpy, the 100-year-old photo blog.