April 17th, 2008

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Freshly readjusted, I have to avoid anything that would strain my neck or back tonight and tomorrow. That includes sitting for too long, or standing for too long, or doing just about any one thing for too long, so I'm going back and forth from Internet, to strolling about the yard, to television (watched from the comfy chair), to relaxation exercises, to Internet, etcetera. So it's like I'm snacking on everything. Reality is all in bits for the time being. That means things can get started but nothing actually gets done. At last, life imitates YouTube!

Speaking of which: Lolcats compilation video.

It got considerably warmer today, and is supposed to cool off considerably by Sunday. It's that time of year when I end up with too many or too few blankets on the bed. I'm lugging blankets around almost daily, putting them away, getting them back out. Really ought to have had this house insulated better.