April 1st, 2008


Ape Roll

It looks as though this year's Internet April Fool's fad is Rickrolling:
Rickrolling is an internet phenomenon which happens when a hapless internet surfer clicks on a link with a promising headline such as, "check out this vid of hot chicks in panties!". However, after clicking the link, you will be brought to the music video of the 80's pop star Rick Astley performing the song "Never Gonna Give You Up".
Who am I too buck a trend, however late my arrival? Get Rickrolled!

(See what I did there? See?)

Oh, it's not raining. I was hoping the month would start with an April shower, but no. Instead there's been a hazy glare all afternoon due to all the smoke hanging in the air from all the belching chimneys that are belching because its turned cold again and everybody's got a fireplace or wood stove going. It stinks and it's giving me a headache. I am so over winter!